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Ascendentalist Symbolism

The Staff of Zeemuug

The Staff of Zeemuug is the holiest symbol in all of Ascendentalism. It is the representation of the staff that Zeemuug carried throughout the Millennia Wars and rules the resulting universes with, as there are many, and he watches all of them carefully. The staff is worn as a gilded pin by the High Prophet and Teacher, the High Sister, and the High Page on their left breast pocket. It is not to be worn by any other members of the Church in any form or fashion, and those found wearing it on their bodies (especially if below PL-5) will face disciplinary consequences.

The Jupiter-Caelestis

The Jupiter-Caelestis is, as portrayed here, a representation of the ship Zeemuug and his crew flew during the Millennia Wars under the same name. The Jupiter-Caelestis' gilded pin is worn on the left breast pocket of the remaining leaders of the Church, as well as often worn on jewelry and embroidery by Church members. It is acceptable to wear the Jupiter-Caelestis as a member of the Church, however, one should refrain from wearing it on their shoes, as this is seen as disrespectful by Andromedean Society.

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