The International Church of Ascendentalism

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Religious Leaders

In The International Church of Ascendentalism, there are several groups of religious authority. They are the following:

The High Prophet and Teacher

The High Prophet and Teacher in charge of the Church. Overseeing the entirety, the High Prophet and Speaker is also responsible for receiving and interpreting messages from Zeemuug and the Galactic Confederacy, and ensuring that the Church and all of it’s various components function smoothly.

The High Sister

The High Sister manages charities and volunteer work, acts as a spiritual mother for the Key Virtues, and is in charge of them as well. She helps write the sermons and maintains order in her domain, and helps the High Page in arranging events. She aids in Ascensions and the Purification process, and reads the rites of an Ascendentalist before they Ascend and after.

The High Page

The High Page is our holy scribe, and records minutes of meetings held, helps write sermons, and is in charge of all documentation in the Church. He keeps track of donations and assists in Divulgences. He is also the overseer of the High Acolytes, and ensures that all records are orderly. He arranges meetings and charities, and assists in writing with the Public Speaker.

The Key Virtues

The Key Virtues are a group of seven youth selected at ages 8 - 12 and retired at age 20, who embody the Virtue of their assignment. Their Virtue becomes their “Holy Name” (ex: Chastity, Patience) while their assigned name becomes their “Private Name”, and is only spoken by their parents or their superiors (High Prophet, High Page, High Sister). They are under the guidance and care of the High Sister, who acts as their spiritual mother and teaches and counsels them to be the best they can be. They work on community service projects and on spreading the good word of Ascendentalism, helping people get to know our faith and see the Light. When one Virtue does something bad, it reflects badly on all six others, and they are reprimanded. Luckily, this has yet to occur.

The High Acolytes

The High Acolytes are a group of seven individuals who work under the High Page in keeping records, managing meetings, filing away important documents, and handling anything that is considered of important nature. They ensure that the formal business with the outside is handled quickly and precisely.

The Five Mercies

The Five Mercies, under the High Prophet and Teacher’s direction, are a group of five individuals who work to keep order in the Church. They keep close with members and ensure all the rules are followed, and come to the High Prophet before taking disciplinary action if necessary. They keep tabs on members who are falling behind in Purification, and ensure that everything is running as the High Prophet has laid out.

The Underministers

The Underministers are a group of varying number that spread the word of Zeemuug, and are under the High Prophet, High Page, and High Sister’s command. They go out and seek new followers, speaking to people who show interest in the possibility of Purification, and help others in finding the High Prophet and Teacher. They are well-versed in the Lessons but are instructed to keep knowledge on a need-to-know basis to ensure others are able to speak with the High Prophet and Teacher personally.

The Public Speaker

The Public Speaker works under the High Prophet and Teacher, the High Page, and the High Sister in spreading the word of Ascendentalism, in answering emails and in keeping in touch with the public. The Public Speaker answers questions and is responsible for keeping the public informed about Ascendentalism and many events that we hold.

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