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The History of the Universe, as revealed to the High Prophet and Teacher by Zeemuug

Zeemuug and the Galactic Confederacy were a rebel group that began the Millennia Wars with another space army, the Andromedean Republic. In their ship, the Jupiter-Caelestis, they rose up against the tyranny of the Andromedean Republic and the force of their battle was so great that it created a universe, the energy of which radiated for thousands of years. During the reign of the Galactic Confederacy, Zeemuug and his right-hand commander The Three-Headed Judge passed judgement on those under their control. If they were deemed Pure, they were allowed to remain in their galaxy. If they were deemed Corrupt, they were locked in a prison under the universe. When judgement had been passed on all, the prison was unloaded into a ship (the Debitatus-Excambia) and transported to Planet Ostagius where the prisoners were stripped of their exoskeleton and forced to reduce down to their most basic form. This form was seemingly made of clay and weak, unable to handle the dark toxins that radiated through the universe after the Millennia Wars. These dark toxins corrupted the prisoners further, until they were at each other’s throats and killing each other one-by-one. The Three-Headed Judge told Zeemuug what was happening on Planet Ostagius, and they decided to send another being to steal their memories away from them, reducing the prisoners to blank slates, effectively giving everyone a new start on their prison-planet, which they renamed Earth.

In time, Zeemuug began to appoint these prisoners (Humans) their own positions on Earth. There would be High Prophets and these people would work to purify themselves as much as possible so as to lead others on the path to achieve Ascension.

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