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Ascendentalist Holidays

Purification Day (Aug. 22)

An especially important holiday for new members of Ascendentalism, this holiday is centered around Purifying one’s mind, body, and spirit. This holiday is when we monitor our intake, spend time in the Purification Saunas, and focus on Purifying ourselves and growing as Ascendentalists.

The Feast of Zeemuug (Dec. 12),

A great celebration where we feast with fellow Ascendentalists, and talk about our goals for the upcoming year, which at midnight changes over into…

…The Fast of Zoxos (Dec. 13 - 20)

During the Fast of Zoxos, we spend a whole week abstaining from food and primarily consuming water. During this week we focus on what we have done over the past year and how we can improve, and use this opportunity to clear our minds and bodies of negative energies.

Founding Day/Prophet’s Day (May 24)

Founding Day is a very joyous occasion where we gather as a spiritual family and celebrate the founding of the Church! It’s a fairly recent holiday, as it marks when I was able to acquire a physical gathering place for all of us, and it is marked with food, games, music, and entertainment!

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