The International Church of Ascendentalism

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History of the Church

The International Church of Ascendentalism was founded in 2010 by Daniel J. Hubbard. The Church was founded after a series of visions revealed to him by Zeemuug, the leader of the Andromedean Republic. After said visions, the newly appointed High Prophet and Teacher set out to spread his teachings to the world, which led to the establishment of this Church and subsequently... to you finding this page! Our history is not a very complex one, but it is very dear to the Church. While at first gaining members was difficult, he persisted, and soon the Church could boast of members in various parts of the world in small communities. The main home of our Church is in Sleepy Peak, Oregon, and we have built a small community there along with our main Temple. While in 2016 we halted operations for emergency reasons, we have begun expanding our Church again, and hope to reach more people and bring them to the light of Purification.

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