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Purification Levels

In Ascendentalism, members will ascend through the five Purification Levels (PL) in order to be prepared for their Ascension to Home. The levels are as follows:

Purification Level 0

Not a member. Someone who attends Meetings but is not a member. This Level does not truly count towards ones Ascension.

Purification Level 1

Entry-Level Member of the Church. This individual attends Meetings and Lessons, and can be involved in projects.

Purification Level 2

Continues attending Meetings and Lessons, moreso than PL-1. Is involved in Church activities.

Purification Level 3

Members at this level will begin extensive lessons on the Mind, Vessel, and Self (as discussed on our Beliefs page). They will be instructed to, if they have brightly dyed hair, dye it back to their natural color as well. PL-3 Members will be more involved in Church activities and volunteer projects.

Purification Level 4

Divulgences will become more intense in this Level, as one must clear out all their negative energy before they can Ascend. Lessons are offered as well by the High Prophet and Teacher and the High Sister to help the PL-4 Member get in touch with Zeemuug themselves.

Purification Level 5

All the hard work is over, and this Member is being prepared for Ascension.

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