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The Ascendentalist Diet

The Purification/Ascendentalist diet is a simple diet consisting mainly of vegetables, fruits, fish, and grains. We do not eat red meat. The only real “meat” we are able to eat is turkey and fish, but many of us phase meat out entirely. We do not consume shellfish. We do consume eggs and some forms of dairy products, however, as these can contain vital nutrients. Herbs and spices are also included in the diet.

In the case of sugary/sweet foods, we do not allow them except on rare occasions. Such occasions are large celebrations (i.e. holidays), and even then, in very small amounts. We do not eat candy. The only sweets we really eat on these occasions are pastries and puddings.

Exceptions in parts of the diet can and will be made for individuals with very specific health needs. And when we do fast (The Fast of Zoxos), you will not be expected to participate if you are sick or in a situation health-wise where you cannot be deprived of food.

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